Couts Christian Academy Uniform Guidelines



 Dress Code

All students are expected to adhere to common practices of modesty, cleanliness and neatness; to dress in a respectful manner within the acceptable standards of the community and in such a manner as to contribute to the academic atmosphere, not detract from it.

·         Clothing should be comfortable, well-fitting and washable

·         Label jackets, coats, hats, lunchboxes and backpacks with your child’s name

·         Send a coat with your child during cold weather as we will go out for recess even when it’s chilly

·         Shorts/Skirts/Jumpers will be permitted but must touch the knees

·         Students’ hair shall be clean, neat, and well-groomed. Hair styles and color shall not, in the opinion of the administration, cause a health or safety hazard or cause a disruption of the educational process.

·         Students are not to wear or carry hats of any kind within school buildings unless approved by the administration. Hats should be interpreted broadly to include caps, visors and bandanas.

PreK 3 and PreK 4 Students

Uniforms are available but not required for PreK students yet. If you choose to wear uniforms, follow the guidelines below. PreK 4 students may also wear Chapel Dress uniforms on chapel days.

 ***All PreK 4 students need to purchase a CCA spirit shirt even if not wearing uniforms.

 Transitional Kindergarten- 6th Grade Uniforms

Uniforms will be worn Monday-Thursday. On Fridays, a CCA spirit t-shirt and jeans can be worn.

 Uniforms may be purchased in the following ways:

 Rival Sign Company- You may purchase polos with the CCA logo from Rival. Order forms will be in the CCA office.  We must have an order of 12 before ordering.

 Thread Artificer- You can purchase polos with the CCA logo from them, bring your shirt to be embroidered, or you can buy the iron-on transfer in the office.  Order forms will be in the office for ordering anytime for any amount. Winter clothing will also be available.

 Walmart/Target/Children’s Place- You may purchase polos, oxfords, pants, and jumpers from any of these stores and online (All must meet requirements below). Suggested brands are Jerzees, Wonder Nation, Dickies, Children’s Place or Cat and Jack. Once shirts have been purchased you will come to the office to buy your CCA embroidered iron-on patch to place on the UPPER LEFT SIDE of the shirt or have it embroidered with Thread Artificer.

Transitional Kindergarten- 6th grade Girls

Suggested Brands: Jerzees, Wonder Nation, Children’s Place, Dickies

Tops:  White, gray, or dark navy short or long sleeve polo shirt. No pockets ***LOGO REQUIRED

Bottoms:  Khaki or dark navy shorts, skirts, or pants. Shorts and skirts need to touch the knees.                                    

Jumper Dress (optional) needs to touch the knees.

*Chapel Dress: Dark Navy Skirt or Jumper and light blue oxford *** Logo NOT required.

Transitional Kindergarten- 6th Grade Boys

Suggested Brands: Jerzees, Wonder Nation, Children’s Place, Dickies

Tops:  White, gray, or dark navy short or long sleeve polo shirt. No pockets. ***LOGO REQUIRED

Bottoms:  Khaki or dark navy shorts or pants.  All shorts need to touch the knees.

*Chapel Dress: Navy pants and light blue oxford *** Logo NOT required.

 Outerwear for All: CCA sweatshirts and jackets are available for purchase from Rival Sign Company or Thread Artificer. Plain solid gray/dark navy sweatshirts may also be worn.

 Friday Dress (Spirit Day): 

On Friday students will be allowed to wear a CCA spirit t-shirt or one of their polo shirts and jeans (no holes). CCA t-shirts are purchased through Rival Sign Company in the school office. Thread Artificer will also have other types of CCA t- shirts available. All forms will be in the office.

 Preschool -6th Grade Shoes

·         Shoes need to be appropriate for active play

·         Athletic shoes must be worn during P.E.

·         All shoes worn must have a strap or protective backing that goes around the back of the heel.

·         NO flip flops, slippers, cleats, platforms, high heels, or shoes with wheels are allowed.

Please do not allow your child to come to school with items that may cause distraction during instruction or interfere with learning.  Such items include, but are not limited to; oversized jewelry, tattoos, make-up, perfume or cologne, colored hair, and boy’s earrings.  Any item interfering with instruction and learning will be confiscated by the teacher and returned to the parent at the end of the school day.