My kids LOVE coming here! The teachers and staff are excellent, my kids are learning so much and having tons of fun. Highly, highly recommend Couts to everyone.
— Melanie M.
My boys were not successful in public school so we decided to try CCA instead. They have made SO many improvements in So many areas in just 6 months. My daughter wanted to try it as well after she saw how much her brothers love it and now she has nightmares about returning to public school. There are So many benefits for every child regardless of their academic and/or behavioral status.
— Rushawnna H.
Excellent private school with great student-to-teacher ratios for a reasonable tuition. My daughter has been going here for 3 years now and has loved all of the teachers and her classmates! There is so much individual attention the teachers are able to provide with only 6-7 kids per class, I highly recommend them!
— Mia M.
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