PreK 2 and PreK 3 use the Bob Jones University Press Pathways for Preschool curriculum. Pathways for Preschool is a bible based age appropriate curriculum geared for discovery-based, interactive, and developmentally appropriate learning.

PreK 4 uses the Bob Jones University Press Footsteps for Fours curriculum. Footsteps for Fours is the next step for our little learners on their way to Kindergarten. Daily math, ELA, science and social studies are all taught in age appropriate ways so the students is prepared for Kindergarten.

The following is taught to all PreK students:

  • Chapel Lesson

  • English Language Arts (language, reading, spelling, phonics, and composition)

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Health/Physical education, which is taught two times weekly (PreK 4)

  • Music and Movement, which is taught everyday (PreK 2 and PreK 3)

  • Fine Arts – Music, three times per week


Class Size

*must be stated age by September 1, 2019

IMG_1529 (1).jpg

Pre-K 2

6 children to one teacher

Select one to five days a week to attend

Pre-K 3

*Must be fully toilet trained

10 students to one teacher


Pre-K 4

12 students to one teacher